Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fancy Iced Tea

Summer time and iced tea just go together at our house. Ever since I was a little girl the tinkle of ice cubes in a glass has just naturally meant iced tea. And not just any tea but Sweet Tea! As I might have mentioned before my family originated in the South and that means sweet tea you'all.

Now on to the real subject of my post. Whenever I go to a restaurant I like to order those fancy sweet teas with the fruit flavors like strawberry or raspberry and I got to wondering how to make those at home. I tried just adding fruit to the tea but it didn't give that intense flavor I was after. I even tried cans of fruit nectar but that was kinda pricey, the flavor was OK though. Then I stumbled onto this - Torani syrup. It comes in every imaginable flavor and adds just what I was looking for to my tea. They sell it to add to your coffee and for mixed drinks I think.

Just 1 tablespoon per glass and bingo Fancy Raspberry Iced Tea! It adds flavor and sweetness. I found mine at World Market but it was also at my local grocery for a LOT more money so shop around for the best deal.

Until next time,


  1. YUMMO!! You didnt know about those syrups?? They are awesome....try them in greek yogurt too!

    1. Thanks for the tip Julianne I hadn't thought about adding to yogurt. I figured if this was a new idea to me it might be a new idea to someone else too.


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