Friday, July 13, 2012

Into the Wild

It that time again. What time you might ask? Time for the Annual Boys Only Spittn' Scratchin' No Girls Allowed Camping Trip! Every year the men in our family converge on some designated spot in the west and hang out for a week or so leaving us women to our own devises. Our sons and grandsons come from all over California for this event. Josh will be missing this year, after all he has a two week old baby. This is considered a valid excuse. C.P. is also missing in action, he is on babysitting duty as well. So the contingent is quite a bit smaller than usual but spirits are not dampened. 

Last year they ended up in Montana at Glacier National Park this year it's off to Lassen. Wherever they end up there will be hiking, fishing, kayaking and man stuff. No Girls!! What a relief - we girls are so happy to be let off the hook! That means we don't have to plan or pack or cook or clean up this expedition! However, my dining room has been turned into a staging area for camping gear. Notice the all important duct tape.

 Chris woke me at the butt crack of dawn to say good bye and because I care I staggered out of bed to kiss him and take a picture to post for you. Silent Bob saw the house lights blazing and started crowing like mad at 4:30 in the morning endearing us to all the neighbors far and wide. We may not be able to see them but they do exist and I'm sure they are none too pleased with Bob this A.M.

What will I be doing while the boys are away? How does a mani/pedi sound? Pretty wild!

Until next time,


  1. Enjoy your civilized pampering time while the boys are out in the wild. I understand the "staging area"; I'm staring at a bunch of boogie boards as I type this comment. (Of course, in my case the trip is over and the boards are waiting to be returned to their proper location.)

  2. Ah yes the clean up, not my fun part. Chris is very good about taking care of most of it.

  3. Have yourself a wonderful time!! Do whatever you like! They'll be back before you know it!!

  4. Oh don't I know it! Think of the laundry :}


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