Monday, July 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday/BOM #6

We're at the half way point with this Memories of Provence block of the month and I'm managing to keep up! It must be some kind of miracle especially considering all the trips to the Southland we've made in the last two months.

Not sewn together yet.
This block was not too bad thank goodness because the last two blocks really tried my patience. I love, love, love it when the seams come together like this so nice and perfect without having to do any stretching or fudging. Maybe I am getting better at this whole piecing thing.

Seams meet perfectly. Once is wonderful!

Four times is a record!
 With this many pieces I'm careful about having a pressing plan and I usually press my seams open to keep the bulk down. Things are laying flat and square.

 Here are all six months together. I think I'll get started on the setting squares so I won't be in a last minute crunch to get this done.

Check out Patchwork Times to see everyone's design wall. So many talented people out there, you're bound to find some inspiration.

A fun thing happened this week. I met one of my followers!! It turns out that Julieanne read my post about Sewing for Vets and we met there last Thursday for a sew day. It was so great to meet her, we just chattered away like old friends. It turns out that she's also doing this BOM at Shared Stitches so we shared notes about that too. Hi, Julieanne it was such a pleasure to hang out.

Until next time


  1. looking good! love the colors and the pattern

  2. Hi Pat! I loved meeting you too, you're a crack up! Your blocks are looking great!

  3. Julianne, since I'm not using the background fabric they gave us do you need/want it for your setting squares? It looks like all of us are doing something different. Wish I had thought of your solution.

  4. sewyouquilt2, Thanks, I can't take any credit since they come in a kit all ready for me to cut and sew but I really like them too.


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