Friday, June 29, 2012

June in a Jar


That's what I'll be thinking when I open these jars sometime next winter - this looks, smells and tastes like June in a jar!

Just cherries - Rainer and Bing nothing else - just right.

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  1. Beautiful! I always get such a sense of accomplishment when I've finished canning a batch.

  2. Kristi, Isn't just the most satisfying feeling? And so good too!

  3. Those look yummy! I have never canned cherries, though I sure would love to have a cherry tree. This year I purchased a pressure cooker (YAY) and canned corn for the first time (I didn't have the freezer space). I also canned peas, green beans, squash, and made some homemade pickle. I love looking at my work and feeling a sense of pride is preserving the food from our garden.

    I came over from the blog hop. My post is about our hot little chickens, but you can find my canning posts if you're interested.


  4. This looks good! We're making cherry cordials now. I'd love to have trees but the birds have already gotten to my peaches, poking holes in them! Glad you have your cherries jarred up now.

  5. I have one sour cherry tree that has stopped producing I don't know why : ( so I have to buy cherries. It's so worth it. I still use fruit that the birds have sampled I just cut out that part. My Aunt Sissy used to say those must be the sweetest!

  6. Oh Beth, how do you like the pressure canner? I just got a steam canner and I'm not sure that I'm sold. I lost so much juice off these cherries, maybe I wasn't doing it right. Shocker!!! I know what you mean about freezer space, mine is at a premium too. I keep chickens too and they're so much fun to watch.

  7. First time stopping in and have really enjoyed! Can't wait to read more! Stop by and follow at:

  8. Clint, thanks for stopping by and joining me on the journey. Let's get out and get our hands dirty! Those weeds don't pull themselves!


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