Saturday, June 9, 2012

Babies & Bees

After the Birthday Princess Party in Los Angeles we moved on to San Diego and more baby festivities this time in the form of finishing up on the new nursery for grand baby number six and attending a wonderful shower given by her ( yes it's a GIRL! ) many Aunties. 

Beautiful mother-to-be!
While we were visiting we assisted in the removal of a bee colony which had decided that our son's back yard steps was the perfect place take up residence. By assisted I mean we let Serge the bee man into the back yard and I took pictures! (Someone had to do it and the kids were at work.)

This is Serge, he's from Kazakhstan.
Suited up and ready for business.
The bees!
No bees were harmed, all were safely removed to a new and happier home.
The sweetness at the bottom of the hive!
Josh and Megan prepare a quiet Sunday breakfast. Pancakes with homegrown honey.

Until next time, 


  1. Mom to be looks happy and the honey looks delicious! Have a super day!

  2. Jennifer, That honey tasted wonderful. It had a wild taste completely different from super market honey.


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