Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zumba Quilting?

The Needle Nellies had our regular meeting but it turned out anything but regular. We have been working on a project to provide some things for a small island in Indonesia that was heavily impacted by the tsunami of 2004. People in that part of the world are still struggling all these years later. The woman spearheading this effort is not a member of our group and visited us to say thanks and fill us in on the status of the project. It turns out that she is a Zumba instructor. To thank us and just to have fun she gave us a spontaneous Zumba class. Super fun! Yes, I too participated after I took some pictures.

I promised to keep the pictures small so faces are unrecognizable!
Spangles provided by instructor. My sweet friend Bev on the right is 82 and not afraid to shake her money maker!

Donation quilt

Donation quilt, both of these from the pattern -Fat Quarter Scramble

Marie's lovely applique

Some sewing did happen

A gift for my grand daughter from my friend Jeannie - a doll quilt and a dolly

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  1. Looks like you had fun!!! I took my first Zumba class TODAY. I have been doing Boot Camp, Spin, Yoga and Weights and they were offering a beginners Zumba class today. Two weeks ago I sat on a beach in Mexico sipping cocktails watching several classes on the beach. And thought I wanted to try that and low and behold there was class today--funny part was I got so Thirsty (but not for water) hearing the Latin Beat again!!!!

  2. How fun!! I've been wanting to try Zumba but haven't gotten my nerve up yet. :) Love the quilts...especially the "Twister".


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