Friday, May 11, 2012

Springtime in the Pines, part II

When ever I go to a quilt show I admire every one's work traditional and modern, art quilt and Sunbonnet Sue but the pictures I take of  quilts are the ones that strike me as a little bit different, the ones that have a slightly different take on the way of doing things or fabric choices.

Nature's Braid by Carmen Crow

Revisiting the Pine Tree Quilt Guild Show in Grass Valley and starting off with this beauty. We've all seen this pattern by now, Carmen made it her own by the addition of the owl embroidery in the center. I love embroidery in a quilt (big surprise to all of you I know).

This is the only quilt I can't find notes on. My apology to the maker. I loved the applique and use of batiks.

Ponte Vecchio, Fienze, Italia by Jeanie Ferguson
Wonderful interpretation of a favorite vacation photo.

One of the themes for the show was the Chinese Year of the Dragon which was presented in wall hangings and display pieces. There were two huge display pieces that just blew me away - spectacular!

Fabric dragon

Dragons created by the Golden Girls mini-group

This guy looks like he could breath fire!

Year of the Dragon by Lynda Lasich; his fire is made of red and orange beads.

Scarlet Flowers by Rose Thompson; lots of crystals

No Worries by Karla Rogers and group- a fractured photo challenge
I'll leave the show with this wall hanging which was in a different building and which I might have missed. I'm glad I didn't because it was just gorgeous and the maker says was her first attempt at thread work. She must be one confident beginner!

Look at those feathers.
Until next time,
P.S. I'm still working away at that baby quilt, the borders have been added and I'll be moving on to the quilting today I hope.

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