Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring in a Basket

Look what arrived on my door step.

My quilting buddy Bonnie felt so sorry for me in my post gum surgery state she sent me this beautiful floral arrangement to cheer me up. It definitely brightened my day - my whole week actually.

The view outside my window is looking pretty springy as well. In fact the grass has gotten so tall the dog is getting lost in there, she's there I swear! 

That's the chicken palace in the distance

 Chris has been out of town for work and when he is here he's working on the hen house so grass is low on the list. I don't do grass folks. I paint, I have my own chain saw, I feed and water chicken and I shovel chicken s**t but I don't mow grass! A girl has to have some standards.

The 'snowball' bush is blooming. Such a wonderful, old fashioned flower. The blooms start out this fabulous lime green and over time become snowy white snowballs. I have no idea what the true name of this bush is, do you?

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