Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm Crying

I'll bet you are too! It's allergy season everywhere but my allergy season trumps yours no matter where you live and here's the proof.

This is POLLEN piled up on our deck. You can see it drifting in clouds through the air. It's everywhere, I can taste it and I definitely FEEL IT!

Remember when I told you how I hang my laundry to dry in the house in the winter to save propane and take advantage of wood stove heat? Well I hang clothes in the house all year long because of this. Spring is obviously the worse time of year but there is always pollen and dust in the air so why invite it inside?

Shadow basking in the spring sunshine. She obviously doesn't care about pollen. Can you shake off before coming inside please.

Until next time,


  1. Ugh! I feel sorry for you! I hope you have an effective allergy medicine and air conditioning.

    Hanging clothes inside brought back memories of the clothes line in our basement when I was growing up. Mom could hang up several loads down there.

    Shadow is a beautiful dog - good thing she isn't sneezing everywhere!


  2. I do have allergy meds and use them! Shadow is allergic too poor thing and has to take her meds as well.

  3. Ugh, that does not look like fun! I am okay at my house, but when I go downtown to work, my nose starts to run and my eyes get red. No idea what it is close to the beach that is getting me, but it is not nearly what you have to suffer! Hope it all clears away soon.

  4. Annie, I washed off the deck yesterday and now we can sit outside for a few hours, lol. It's unbelievable how much pollen pine, cedar and oak trees give off.


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