Monday, May 14, 2012

Design Wall Monday/BOM

My Block of the Month was finished in time for the turn in on Sunday but not without a lot of problems. A Lot  Of  Problems. I wasn't able to be at the demonstration for this block and so only had the diagram to go by and I could not not make head nor tails of that! After cutting everything out exactly as directed the darn thing just would not go together properly, in fact it was a complete mess! We are only given the exact amount of fabric to work with so I had to get really creative with the scraps from previous blocks and come up with a block of my own. 

 This one is completely different from the original design but I like it and it works overall. Now that I've seen it with the others I quite like my block better than the original. Whew! 

For those of you who are like me and don't have a fancy fussy cut ruler I thought I'd show you how I cut those center motifs. You'll need template plastic or freezer paper for this. Both will work but it's worth $1.50 for that template plastic because these are going to last a long time. Out of what ever material you choose cut the unfinished size square you need. In this project my centers are 4.5 and 3.5 inches. Draw diagonal and center lines on the square. These are going to help you with the centering of your motif.

Now you can use your template to pick out the motif, centering exactly where you want. Draw around  the outside with a disappearing marker. I'm using a Frixion pen these days. Love those things because they disappear with heat. (Don't think I would mark my quilting lines with them though. Maybe, what do you think? I digress)

Cut on your lines. I use my rotary cutter but you can use scissors. Just remember that cutting with scissors changes the size slightly. And bob's your uncle a perfectly centered motif for your block!

All sewn up
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  1. Hi Patricia! well, I missed meeting you at the block of the month at Shared Stitches, I actually asked one lady if she was you! Anyways, yes this block was a pain in the butt...mine isnt perfect but its done! Maybe I will get to meet you next month...

  2. Julianne,
    Let's make a plan to meet, that will be fun. I usually go on Sunday to avoid the biggest crowd.

  3. I had that problem with a BOM that I am doing. I love your fussy cut templae, what a great idea. By the way, your block is FAB!

  4. Thanks Vicki, I always hesitate to post things that I think everyone already knows but I figure if just one person says "ah ha" it will be OK.

  5. What a neat block, great job! I have a lot of rulers but I always have a bunch of template sheets that I use to make specific things for quilting. Thanks for sharing!
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  6. Thanks Connie, when it doubt just make something up ;)

  7. I love your block! It looks perfect with the others.

  8. Thanks Sue, when in doubt improvise right? Thanks too for stopping by.

  9. I like your block better too! Great tip for getting those motifs just right. All the blocks look wonderful together.

  10. That's a really beautiful block Patrica! Your fussy cutting really kicks it over the top.

    1. Thank you Lara. Believe it or not this King Sized quilt has been completely pieced and waiting to be quilted now for over a year I just don't know why I haven't gotten it done. Time to get this out of the shadows and on a bed don't you think?


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