Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chicken Palace

 El Palacio de las Galinas that's what we call it - the Chicken Palace. It's kind of like the Winchester Mystery House. If you haven't heard of that place it's a house built by a crazy woman who just kept adding on to it because she thought as long as she was building it she wouldn't die or something  equally crazy. Anyway, remember these little guys?

They've grown up to be unruly teenagers and we have moved them to their permanent home. DH worked diligently to repair the damage from the Great Bear Massacre and they are happily installed. 

New doors to give access to nest boxes from the outside for collecting eggs.

The nest boxes from inside the house, still have to get nesting material in there to make them soft and cozy.

The girls are still small enough to like to hide in this broken flower pot. The white stuff is diatemaceous earth, a non-toxic bug deterrent.

There are improvements including new flooring, new nest boxes, and soon new perimeter fencing. but for now they are snug and secure and loving all the space and fresh air and I am loving having my upstairs bathroom back!

Just like teenagers they won't hold still to get their picture taken!

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  1. I've been to the Winchester Mystery House several times. Hauntingly interesting place. I hope the bears are gone, gone---and your new chickens are safe. I just started reading your blog, and wondered where in Calif. you live that Bears killed your chickens. We live out in the country of Sonoma County, and Fox and Hawks are the primary predators for our neighbors chickens. Good luck with your new chicken palace!


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