Friday, April 27, 2012

Visiting My Quilts

While I was in the south land I snuck around my kid's houses and took pictures of the quilts I could find which I've given them over the years. Many of them I don't have pictures of or I can't find on this hard drive.

Chris & Jody's wedding quilt. There are butterflies embroidered in the center of the stars and butterflies in the quilting. Made this for them in 2008, used on their bed every day.

Owen's baby quilt

Wall hanging at Josh & Megan's house

A close-up of some of the kanji embroidery and the quilting which includes bamboo and cheery blossoms
It makes me happy  to see the quilts I make being used. I try to make each of my projects as beautiful as possible but I'm not creating museum pieces. I want the quilts I make to be used and loved. The baby quilts should be dragged around and thrown in the wash. Go ahead, I'll make you another one!


Until next time,


  1. Beautiful quilts, Patricia! I agree with you.... I think quilts should be loved and used and washed then loved and used and washed some more. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Hi Patricia!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and your sweet compliment. Isn't Blogging just the best way to connect with other quilters via our Blogs? I absolutely LOVE the Asian wallhanging you made - it is fabulous! I have a few beautiful Asain panels that are just waiting for me to make soemthing with - yours is very inspoirational!


  3. I love to see the quilts I make used too! To cuddle, to warm and to comfort!
    Thanks for sharing at the Minutes for Me Linky Party!


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