Sunday, April 22, 2012


OK, I'm over it. Chris is back, he found the camera cord, I've uploaded the photos from our trip and I'm ready to tell you about our two weeks in Southern Calif. visiting our family.

We spent a lovely five days with our oldest son and our beautiful grand kids coloring Easter eggs, finding said eggs, hiking in the hills, reading bedtime stories and doing  all the things we don't get to do because we live too far away :(  I just don't get enough cuddle time with these little ones.

I can't lie, my grand kids are beautiful!

While the kids were in school we got in sightseeing at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. What an amazing place. We hadn't been there before and it was truly beautiful. We visited the Impressionist gallery and I was awestruck. In fact I kind of made a fool of myself when I turned a corner and came face to face with this painting by Van Gogh. I started to cry and had to pretend I had something in my eye, I was so emotional it was embarrassing. I actually have a print of this painting which hangs in my kitchen. It was pretty overwhelming to see it in person. 

Los Angeles sky line

The ocean view from the Getty

While we were in L.A. we visited my husband's sweet Aunt Tass who celebrated her 99 birthday on Easter Sunday. That's right 99! She lives on her own with her daughters checking in on her every day and as she would say, "Thank God I'm still in good health and have all my marbles!" Aunt Tass is the last of our elders still with us and we love her so. Chris' mom Tass' younger sister passed five years ago at the age of 93 so longevity runs in his family for sure.

We also had dinner with Chris' brother Steve and his wife Roberta in La Cresecenta and lunch with brother Tim and his fiance Ellen in Huntington Beach. It was a whirlwind I tell you!

On to San Diego...

Until next time,

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