Saturday, April 28, 2012

Snow on the Dogwoods

There is a saying that you hear a lot in our small mountain town, "It's not spring until there's snow on the dogwoods!" Meaning spring has not officially started until there has been snowfall on the dogwood blossoms. Well, I think we can say without fear of contradiction that spring has come to this section of the hills!

Blossoms start out this lovely, soft lime green and whiten as they age

Snow has fallen and quickly melted and we are left with the beautiful dogwood blooms. I love these trees so much. We have 18 dogwoods on our three acre property alone and many, many more as we look out across the forest. It's a glorious sight especially in the evening as they glow ghostly pale just before the last light fades away.

A sure sign that summer will be here soon as spring is fleeting on Dogwood Lane.

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  1. Hi Patricia ~ We have a saying in our neck of the woods that you shouldn't plant tomatoes until the snow if off Mica Peak. Seems to be good advice every year. Good luck with your garden this year. Best Sharon


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