Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Make Your Own Chicken Stock

That's $1.25 for each little serving.
I learned to cook from my Aunt Sissy and my Aunt Veda. Two formidable southern women who had weathered the Great Depression and knew how to stretch a dollar. Hell, they could make a penny squeal! They would be horrified that people are paying as much as $4.99 for this. Buy it if you want to. These folks are right. It does add flavor to most everything you cook, but people you can make it yourself for next to nothing!

Here's what I do:
I save the carcass (is there a nicer way to say this?) of every chicken I cook and every rotisserie bird we buy at the market. I freeze them until I have four or five.  Now I get the inner liner of my pasta pot and fill it with bones, four or five ribs of celery rough chopped, four or five carrots washed and rough chopped, two onions skins and all, washed and rough chopped and whatever herbs dry or fresh I feel like. NO SALT.

This big pot was my Aunt Sissy's

Insert into your biggest pot and fill that with water. Bring the whole thing to a boil and simmer. Don't worry if things aren't covered with water, the bones will 'melt' over time and the rest will be submerged. Simmer for at least four hours - low and slow baby.


The liquid in the pot will be reduced by at least half. The more you reduce the more intense the flavor. Lift out the insert and all the bones etc. will come with it ready to be thrown away. 
Liquid gold

 Let your stock cool and strain it one more time to get out the tiny stuff. You can now refrigerate and skim off any fat.

Ready for the freezer - 2 cups each
Freeze it in ice cube trays if you want to use in smaller quantities. I like to use it for beans or soup or to flavor just about anything. So good!

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  1. I think homemade stocks are much tastier than the stuff you buy. Wish I had one of those pasta strainer thingies. Great idea.

  2. ditto my dear...I have always made chicken stock but not in a idea...will do that in my next inpire me x


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