Monday, April 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday/Safe Haven

My second grandson turned 15 recently and is obviously too old for that cute monsters quilt I made for him for his 10th birthday. You know what that means Grammy has to get busy and make a new quilt, one more suitable for a young man. One he can keep on his bed when friends come over, one he can maybe take to college with him. What? Wait, take to college! Let's not get ahead of ourselves!

The finished quilt Safe Haven

I like to add embroidery to my quilts. Ducks on the far left and near left, wolf on the right from Embroidery Library.

Smaller deer embroideries from Amazing Designs, cougar from Embroidery Library

A monogram and bear embroidery from Embroidery Library
I love the way this turned out. Putting together panels and pieced blocks is a lot like working with a jigsaw puzzle and can be a challenge because the panels are NEVER printed straight. This started as a kit and the embroideries make it my own and personal I hope.

It's Design Wall Monday at Judy's place go see what's up.

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  1. It's a perfect quilt for a 15 year old, especially since it was made with lone by his Grandma.

  2. Patricia - I'm sure your 15 y.o. grandson will love this. I know my 13 y.o. son would. Perfect for a teenage boy. Great job, too! Have a super day!

  3. My oldest daughter would LOVE this!

  4. Patricia, this has turned out to be a great guy quilt. I'm sure your Grandson will be proud. the added embroideries definitely make it personal from you.

  5. What a neat quilt for your grandson!! I have brothers who are hunters and would love this!!

  6. Sooo two years have this quilt keeping up with the wear and tear of teenage boys??? :)

    1. I see this quilt crumpled at the end of his bunk bed whenever I'm in his room so I assume it gets a lot of use and it certainly seems to be holding up. My philosophy is use it up and wear it out and I'll make you a new one until I can't sew any more!

    2. Soooo glad you rejuvinated this one under our WILD's a perfect addition to our WILD collection this week.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks you Tanya. This quilt left with the boy for college this fall *sniff* *sniff*. Can't believe how time flies.


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