Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chupacabra on The Divide

That's what it says and it was big news around here at the time. Not much happens in a small town and the biggest headline in the town paper can be the monthly meeting of the garden club so when this thing showed up I was super excited. Why you ask? Because until recently I was the operations manager of the local paper and responsible for circulation and circulation means sales and sales means revenue and I knew this front page was going to be a BIG seller.

This turned out to be a sick juvenile bear with allopecia that died naturally according to Fish and Game warden
How did I land in the newspaper business when I have absolutely no experience whatsoever? Here's the scoop.

When we moved to Dogwood Lane we needed jobs. Chris was hired as the principal of the local elementary school but I was left to find anything I could. In Los Angeles I was the office manager of a large elementary school but in a town of 900, jobs are few and far between. I heard through the hardware store grapevine that the Gazette needed a typist so I walked into the office and told the editor that he needed me. He asked if I knew anything about newspapers, I said no and he said "You're Hired."

I did everything there was to do at the Gazette. Reporter, photographer, ad sales, delivery and literally designing the paper by hand with hot wax, graph paper, and a ruler. I eventually became the day to day manager too. Not as big a deal as you might think since only four people worked for the paper! I recently retired from the news business and there are no more chupacabras in my future, at least none I have to worry about tracking down for a deadline!

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