Friday, March 9, 2012

Someone has a New Sewing Room

My friend Leanne has a new sewing room and wait until you see this wonderful space, you will be green with envy. She was overwhelmed at the thought of reorganizing her stash and moving into the new spot so she asked all her quilting pals for help and the Needle Nellies sprang into action! There was the promise of petting fabric and free lunch thrown in, who could resist?

We all gathered at Leanne's house and helped her iron, refold and put away her extensive fabric collection. A few fat quarters may or may not have snuck into some purses, I'll never tell. A lot of talking and laughing and ooooohing and ahhhing  went on, "Look at all the pretty colors." Now for the tour - 

The design wall is framed with beautiful molding

A place to hang some of her favorite quilts
Those glass cabinets are for fat quarters. Leanne designs jewelry too!
A walk-in fabric closet! By the time we were finished this baby was full, floor to ceiling with beautiful, neatly pressed and folded fabric. Every quilter's dream. For some reason I forgot to take a picture of that!
Leanne served us a delicious lunch and we all went home happy. Believe me I know where to go first if I need just a little more of that special red I just ran out of in order to finish my latest project!

Everyone is talking at once, as usual. No picture of the hostess!
The kid's table


  1. Ooooh! Aaaaah! Leanne must be glowing! I'm so jealous. I have a great space, but it's sure not organized like that!

  2. Wow!! The green monster of jealousy is rearing it's ugly head.....what an amazing room!!

  3. What a fantastic room! Although it wouldn't take me long to mess it up but good!!


  4. Fabulous room and wonderful both! Blessings to you.

  5. It's a wonder and a joy to see that some of us do get it all, nice home, a hubbiy who's love for us is placed in providing for his love(his better half, who;s love of hers is her berrer half), hopefully children, and a home sooo big that she;s the room to make a sewing room which is a dream. May you and she and all of you have all the health, time to enjoy this hold ground for using your creative gift! Blessed is the one who has given you all, may you continue to know the blessing of the one one who has bestowed you with this gift<(*O*)>. Rememmber to pay it forward. I bet you all make some really nice small quilts for babies in your inner-urban city's poorest hospital. Bless be Your lives w/un-ending JOYS

    1. Cozette, you are set to no reply so I could not send you an email. I would not want anyone to think I was gloating when I posted about this wondrous space. Rather I was rejoicing for my friend after her lifetime of sacrifice for family, home, and small children as an elementary teacher to finally have a dream space of her own. We do spend time to as a group helping others and I hope to show some of those projects as well. stop by again as see what else we all are up to.


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