Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Massacre! The Chicks Are Coming!

That headline got your attention didn't it? Let me explain.
It's that time of year and around here there is more excitement than if I said the circus was coming to town. I drove by the feed store Sunday and saw the sign and had to stop. "What kind are you getting," I asked? "When does the delivery arrive?" I can hardly wait to bring those little darlings home.

What happened here?
 But this means we have to repair the hen house and erase the damage from the Great Chicken Massacre of 2010. For 15 months our beautiful chicken palace has stood empty and forlorn. Here's the story:

In December 2010 a mother bear and her two yearling cubs broke into our hen house and killed our entire flock of 15 birds in one night. When three bears decide to do something believe me when I tell you there is nothing short of full out heavy artillery that is going to stop them. My dogs were frantic and had to be restrained so that they would not be hurt. The bears went through two 7 foot fences and tore out the wall of the hen house to get to the hens.

Complete destruction, nest boxes torn out to gain entrance to house
All were lost. We have left the poultry yard empty for the past 15 months so that the bears would not be habituated to our property. Hopefully enough time has passed and we can have the cheerful and peaceful presence of a new flock again. My husband began repair work on the house this weekend with new and improved nest boxes. We are considering how to electrify the fence without harming the dogs or birds. Those critters may have marked this as their territory but WE ARE TAKING IT BACK!

Chicks are coming!

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