Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hung Out to Dry

When Chris and I moved here to our little piece of heaven we had some notion that it would be cheaper to live in the country. Maybe it is for those who hunt squirrels and eat road kill! But, for the rest of us it can be pretty expensive to maintain the rural lifestyle, in any kind of style that is, like with heat. We use propane for cooking, clothes drying, water heating and that house furnace thing that blows blessed warm air around and propane cost $2.99/gl the last time that truck rolled in here. Yikes, that's a boat load of money to fill a 500 gallon tank, you do the math!

 So, we cut wood from our property whenever a tree looks dead and burn it in our wonderful, efficient wood stove. That puppy really cranks out the heat and keeps the whole house warm until the dead of night. We go through two to three cords of wood depending on the season and I love the bone deep warm of a wood fire.

Yep, that's my husband's underwear you see right up front. Funny how you don't notice stuff like that until after you take the picture.
That leaves clothes drying as the major propane sucker and I have a solution for that too. I hang my clothes to dry, on a line, in all weather, in the house. There's a lot of hot air up there next to the ceiling in the winter why let it go to waste? It's very dusty and pollenish (I know, not a word) outside in the summer and my clothes came back inside dirtier than when I started when I hung them to dry outside so back to hanging inside. The clothes lines are fixed on decorative hooks like those used to hang lamps and can come down when company comes. No one notices the hooks up there next to the ceiling and I get a step workout 'cuz I have to use a little stool to reach the lines to hang the clothes, I'm short. More savings, no gym membership! My kids are scandalized, bonus points! 

Would you consider hanging clothes indoors?


  1. I've been enjoying reading some of your posts. We live outside the city in a little berg and heat with LP. 3 years ago we put a wood stove in the basement that heats the whole house. It will last about 6 hours at night. We go through about 10 cord of wood but I sure love the warmth and not paying for fuel. We had a little snow today but it won't last.

  2. Me parece estupenda la idea para secar la ropa.

    Un saludo


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