Saturday, March 31, 2012

Disaster Area

Our front deck is a disaster area. This is the front entrance to the house, the first thing you see. Now in the country nobody uses the front door except the UPS man, strangers or those Jehovah Witnesses but still... It was built when the house was built which was some time in the mid '80 and there are big places where dry rot has set in, time for a re-do! I enlisted the aid of my two teen aged grandsons who live down the road for the demolition and they set to work. What boy doesn't want to destroy stuff and I gave them the tools and free rein! 

They were a little hesitant at first but as you can see by the pile of lumber they really got into it after a while! 

I'm proud of them for digging in and getting the job done. These two are 16 and 14 and full brothers in spite of their completely different looks. They may look skinny but they know how to work and of course I love them so much.

The deck was too big as it was so we will be making some changes when we rebuild and the boys will be helping their Papa with that this summer, learning some building skills as well as demolitions skills.

Blurry photo of men at work
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