Monday, March 26, 2012

Blue Monday

That's what I'm calling this finished flimsy. It measures 56x72 and made a considerable dent in my blue stash. I fiddled around with the idea of adding a piano key border as you can see from this photo but decided against it, sometimes done is done. 

What do you think about the piano key border idea?
I used my Shape Cut to speed cut the blocks for this at 7 1/2" and then sew those sections together into longer columns. The blue masking tape is there so that I don't over or under cut, a habit I have when I get going and my mind wanders! What do you use to help you cut or keep track of where you are?

I still need a backing. I have nothing even remotely large enough left in the blue box to fit the bill so I think I'll head over to the Connecting Threads web site and order a nice solid for the back. The son  this is going is all about modern so a medium solid will fit I think. Then off to the long arm quilters this will go.

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  1. Lovely. The color is fantastic. I love blue.

  2. I haven't used this ruler, so each time I cut a strip I have to focus on finding the right measurement. What a great scrap quilt!


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