Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quilt Show Season

It's quilt show season here in the foothills and the shows are coming right on top of each other. I've missed quite a few this year so far but last weekend my friend Jeannie and I managed to get it together and haul ourselves to the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild Annual Show. It's a good hour + drive for us so we made a day of it with lunch before hand and everything.

We saw some lovely quilts and the vendors were great with lots of goodies for sale - hold me back! I bought two special rulers that I'll be telling you about a little later but NO FABRIC. I know, that's practically a sacrilege. I did buy a super cute dress pattern for my first foray in garment sewing in 30 years, a little sundress for my darling granddaughter. Say a prayer for me on this one. 

Here are some of the quilts that caught my attention. I hope I attribute them to the right people, if not I do apologize. 

This applique quilt was just about perfect. I don't applique so I really appreciate the craftsmanship here.
New York Baltimore - Dawn Licker
Such a sweet and whimsical Christmas quilt.

Baltimore Christmas - Ellen Garner

My personal favorite, this one just glowed:
Urban Amish - Deb Winterling; woven cotton and dupioni silk
Geisha - Barbara Kiehn
Powered by Natural Gas - Nancy Balthasar
Cherry Roll Vine - Suzie Quinell
And this wonderful art piece based on a painting by Wayne Thiebaud called "River and Farms" 1996. This is a 'slice' group project. To learn more about the process visit Jenny Lyon's blog at Quilt Skipper to see how she developed her slice of the group quilt.

Over the River and Through the Farms - Anita Marshall, Jenny Lyon, Margo Wilson, Donna Brennan

My camera doesn't do these justice it's so hard to capture the true color. I think that's quite enough eye candy for one day. See you next time.


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