Monday, February 20, 2012

Design Wall Monday/All Squared Up

Design floor actually. This is at the stage where it's too big to fit on my design wall and I'm laying out the borders to get an idea of how they will look. This is not my favorite part of the process because no matter how careful I am I never seem to measure correctly. The borders always give me fits. I measure across the middle and each edge and average the three numbers and that's the size I use but those pesky things hardly ever come out right. Do any of you have a better way? Do tell.

I started this last September at our quilt group's annual retreat at Zephyr Cove  and got all but the borders done which is pretty remarkable for me. I just can't do much productive sewing at retreat, it's so distracting, too much fun I guess. 

This design is called All Squared Up from Fourth & Sixth Designs. I purchased a kit I don't know how long ago. I LOVE the batiks and saturated colors. I have a goal of making quilts for each of my sons this year and one for my husband too. That's four quilts by Christmas. What do you think, can I do it? I have a whole cloth batik backing around here somewhere that I've been holding on to for quite a while, if I can only find it. It would be perfect for this. Clearly some organization is in order in my sewing room. (heavy sigh)

Almost forgot - check out Judy's design wall and see what everyone else is doing this week.


  1. I remember seeing this turned out great!Good luck with the borders...your method certainly makes sense.

  2. Thanks Debbie. I added the borders and for once they came out perfect, now on to the quilting.


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